About Rhonda Hurwitz:

The past decade has seen an incredible culture shift.  Here are the new realitites:  customer behavior has changed, and old “push” marketing simply no longer works.

Every business needs to evolve and adapt.

Call it “inbound marketing“, or “content marketing“, this is what works:  attract prospects with helpful online content, focus on solving their problems to build trust, use social networks to engage and connect, set up your website to convert and nurture leads.

Then, repeat this process over and over, using a set of smart tools that enable you to do it seamlessly.

And one more thing:  measure results!

I’ve spent the last few years helping dozens of businesses build sales, using results-focused marketing.  I help businesses develop a smart web strategy and keep focused on what works, and use marketing technology to power, track and measure results.

Prior experience:  I’m a former brand marketing executive at companies such Unilever, Kraft, Playtex, and Diageo, where I built a foundation in business strategy and customer centric marketing.  I once managed 8 figure marketing budgets — and now help entrepreneurial businesses of all sizes develop a strategy to accelerate growth.  I’m not into hype, just results.

Last but not least:  I’m a certified inbound marketer, contributor to Forbes.com, a Duke MBA, and run a small but smart digital marketing agency.

How I Work:   Send an email to: rhondahurwitz1@gmail.com.com, or call me at 914.645.8449.  I offer a free consultation where I learn more about your business challenges, and we’ll go from there.

Enough about me.  What about you?    If any of this makes sense to you, let’s talk.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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*Help Me Rhonda! Marketing Solutions:  A digital marketing and business development firm, helping companies accelerate marketing results.  Services include inbound marketing, content marketing, social media strategy, and training.