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Rhonda Hurwitz, @rhondahurwitz on Twitter, is an internet marketer and business development strategist who helps businesses develop more effective online marketing strategies. I also blog at

Solving the Social Media ROI Puzzle

If you were asked to calculate social media ROI, could you? When it comes to social media, what starts with hello, can grow into a trusted relationship and result in revenue … but how to connect the dots?
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Online Marketing: It Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

Inbound marketing, Content marketing, whatever-buzzword-you-want marketing … “new” marketing is essential. Here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be so damn hard. Continue reading

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From “Off the Grid” to Inbound12 … Plus, an Invitation to Inbound13!

Being off the grid for most of August made me wonder what news I missed … but a quick glance at Mashable tells me I probably don’t have to worry. Plus: thoughts on investing in yourself, and an invitation for next year to come join me at a marketing conference you won’t want to miss. Continue reading

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The ROI of Marketing on Main Street: Be “Awesome”

I’m noticing something new on Main Street. As we educate ourselves before buying, there’s a new guy in town: peer-to-peer conversation on social networks. We still use online search, but more and more, we also use a trusted network of online … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Marketing From Chris Brogan

When Chris Brogan started a new business called Human Business Works a while back, I subscribed to his email list. I didn’t really know what a subscription to Human Business Works was  … but I knew that if it came from … Continue reading

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6 Lessons From Dad

Some dads are known for fatherly advice or scaring off high school boyfriends … not mine. Still … the quiet guy who didn’t say much, in his own way, taught me a lot.

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Linked in Password “Hack”: Time To Be More Vigilant

Yesterday, 6 million out of 160 million Linked members had their passwords hacked. In internet time, this is old news … but I wanted to share some thoughts.

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3 Successful Business Bloggers Share Their Secrets

When asked to give his best social media tip recently, a well known social media expert said: “start a blog”.  Good advice! How to get started blogging, and what works? Three very successful, and very different, business bloggers shared their … Continue reading

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5 Habits of Highly Successful Business Owners

Does your business have a strategy for growth?  Are you reaching your full business potential? As President of Strategy Leaders, Andi Gray has a long history of helping businesses grow, and an uncanny knack for helping entrepreneurs get to the … Continue reading

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Content Marketing: Does Your Content Make the Cut?

Content drives the social media and search marketing train. But with an avalanche of fresh content inundating our in-boxes and social networks each day, it’s challenging to keep up. We’re all so quick to hit delete, delete, delete …  does your … Continue reading

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