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Rhonda Hurwitz is a content strategist and marketing consultant who helps mid-sized businesses develop more effective online strategies. @rhondahurwitz on Twitter, and on

How One Food Blogger Got Thousands of Followers in 16 Months (… and You Can Too)

In one of those serendipitous moments, I met fellow marketer and food blogger Mary Pisarkiewicz while teaching a class on Digital Marketing Strategy last month, as part of the National Minority Business Council’s Executive Management Program. My ears perked up right … Continue reading

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Link Love: How Bloggers Rub Noses on the Social Web

On Valentine’s Day, It’s nice to recognize all the relationships that foster love and positive energy in our lives. For many, those relationships exist online through the content we write, read, and share, which is why I’m excited to talk … Continue reading

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10 Online Marketing Trends for 2013

Here’s a list of online marketing trends I put together for a panel discussion on 2013 Social Media Trends. My co-panelists, Stephanie Schwab and Ellen Gerstein, will no doubt have other insights  — and I can’t wait to hear them. … Continue reading

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5 Ways to (Legally) Use Photos in Social Media and On Your Blog

Who doesn’t love a cute photo or funny image on the social web? According to Hubspot’s latest research, Facebook  photo posts get 53% more “likes”, 104% more comments, and links on these posts get 84% more clicks. Instagram and Pinterest … Continue reading

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Blogging Dry Spell? Try a Little Help From Your Friends.

I’ve hit a blogging dry spell lately. An editorial calendar is supposed to kick in at times like these … but how to gain enthusiasm for those “same old” topics? When you can’t think of anything new to add to … Continue reading

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The Entrepreneur Who Intends to Cure Blindness (and Other Inspirations)

What inspires people to set big goals and see them through? In college, Evan Mittman learned that he was losing his sight, and set an audacious goal: curing blindness. That was the easy part …
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Solving the Social Media ROI Puzzle

If you were asked to calculate social media ROI, could you? When it comes to social media, what starts with hello, can grow into a trusted relationship and result in revenue … but how to connect the dots?
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Online Marketing: It Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

Inbound marketing, Content marketing, whatever-buzzword-you-want marketing … “new” marketing is essential. Here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be so damn hard. Continue reading

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From “Off the Grid” to Inbound12 … Plus, an Invitation to Inbound13!

Being off the grid for most of August made me wonder what news I missed … but a quick glance at Mashable tells me I probably don’t have to worry. Plus: thoughts on investing in yourself, and an invitation for next year to come join me at a marketing conference you won’t want to miss. Continue reading

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The ROI of Marketing on Main Street: Be “Awesome”

I’m noticing something new on Main Street. As we educate ourselves before buying, there’s a new guy in town: peer-to-peer conversation on social networks. We still use online search, but more and more, we also use a trusted network of online … Continue reading

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